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“Coastal Tour de France”
La Bretagne d’Alain Ducasse
August 1– September 30

Join us for our culinary voyage featuring the best produce and regional specialties along the coast of France, served “Rech style”. Executive Chef Guillaume Katola presents “La Bretagne d’Alain Ducasse”, a 5-course menu with regionally inspired dishes created with seasonal ingredients and jewels of French gastronomy found along the coast of Brittany.

Our 1-Michelin star Rech by Alain Ducasse continues its culinary voyage along the coast of France from August 1 – September 30, with “La Bretagne d’Alain Ducasse”.

Executive Chef Guillaume Katola is showcasing a 5-course menu with regionally inspired dishes including Cotriade” fish stew and “Armoricaine” style blue lobster, created with seasonal ingredients and jewels of French gastronomy found along the coast of Brittany, all served “Rech style”.

5-course “La Bretagne d’Alain Ducasse”Menu

Enjoy the 5-course menu at HK$1,288, with a wine pairing option for an additional HK$688 per person.

The Dishes of “La Bretagne d’Alain Ducasse”
Indulge in seasonal French culinary treasures - from blue lobster and squid to shellfish and seasonal fish from Brittany in Northwest France, with Chef Guillaume’s adaptation of some of Brittany’s popular regional recipes.

“Cotriade”, fish stew, potato and parsley
Enjoy our Michelin-worthy Cotriade, a traditional Brittany specialty from Finistère.  This fishermen’s stew is a mixture of seasonal fish and seafood from Brittany, simmered in a homemade tomato sauce.

Cookpot of buckwheat, squid-shellfish-salicornia,
Chef Guillaume has created a gluten-free version of the signature Rech Cookpot,  combining fresh produce from Brittany with buckwheat (a popular grain in the Brittany diet) and seasonal squid, shellfish and Salicornia for a delicious balance of flavours and textures.

“Armoricaine” style blue lobster, tarragon and heritage tomatoes
This recipe is adapted from a century-old one, created in 1860 by French chef Pierre Fraisse,
a Breton who worked in America before opening his own restaurant in France. One evening when late diners showed up just before closing time, the chef, who was pressed for time, incorporated his American experience and quickly flambéed Lobster in cognac (instead of simmering it in bouillon). He then cooked it in a sauce of diced tomatoes, white wine, garlic and fresh herbs. When the guests, who loved the dish, asked its name; the chef called it Lobster with “Sauce Américaine”. It quickly became one of the restaurant’s most successful dishes and a regional favourite.

There is still controversy over whether the sauce should be called “Americaine” or ‘Armoricaine”. (‘Armorique’ is an ancient name for the northern region of Brittany and its Côtes d’Armor.)  Most Bretons claim that the recipe must come from Brittany, since all ingredients are typical of the region.

Apple and cider composition
Grown on Brittany’s lush, fertile land, apples are a specialty of the region, including a variety especially for making cider. Our homemade granite made with Brittany apples and cider is
a refreshingly light prelude to dessert during the hot summer season.

Brittany shortbread, roasted figs and ribot milk ice cream
Our new Pastry Chef Gary Wong has created a creamy chilled summer dessert - pairing Brittany shortbread, known for its unique rich and buttery flavour, with ribot buttermilk ice cream for extra creaminess. In Brittany, “Lait Ribot”, a cultured probiotic whole milk product with a thick consistency and cheesy flavour, is more popular than regular milk.

Join us for Rech’s Coastal Tour de France, as it continues this autumn:
Aquitaine (October-November) – While many may not be familiar with “Aquitaine”, most definitely know its capital - Bordeaux. During the harvest season, our Rech menu will not only feature delicacies from the sea, but also freshly harvested seasonal produce.

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