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MiyazakiGyu – Savour the Taste of Champion Japanese Wagyu
Seared to Perfection on Hong Kong’s only charcoal grill
March 5 – April 30, 2018

Throughout 2018 InterContinental Hong Kong’s popular STEAK HOUSE winebar + grill is presenting a series of exclusive specialty beef promotions showcasing top quality beef from artisanal farms around the world.

From March 5 – April 30, enjoy a selection of specialty menu items featuring top quality Japanese MiyazakiGyu from Miyazaki Prefecture in Japan. MiyazakiGyu Beef has won the Prime Minister’s Award three times in a row (2007 – 2017), at the National Competitive Exhibition of Wagyu, known as the “Wagyu Olympics”, which is held in Japan every 5 years.

Only the highest quality cattle from this prefecture can be dubbed "MiyazakiGyu", with Miyazaki producing the highest quality beef in Japan, even winning more accolades than Kobe beef over the past decade.

Miyazaki Beef comes from Japanese Black cattle known as Kuroge Wagyu, which are produced and fattened in the Miyazaki Prefecture. Only beef originating from a designated fertile bull that has been bred, born, raised and fattened in Miyazaki Prefecture and graded above “four” according to the Japan Meat Grading Association is allowed to be labelled with the official MiyazakiGyu Beef trademark. (www.miyazakigyu.jp/en/miyazakibeef)

The final product reflects all the hard work that goes into the breeding and selection of the animals and meat, with its appearance and the superb marbling being the most important characteristics. With its amazing marbling, lustre and texture, it is best simply cooked by grilling – especially in the expert hands of our STEAK HOUSE Chef Chiu Ming Chan!

Chef Chiu Ming Chan is preparing the following MiyazakiGyu Wagyu Dishes which can be ordered from our special MiyazakiGyu à la carte from March 5- April 30:


  • Miyazaki Beef Ceviche & Amebi Shrimp with Fuji Apple, Sweet Ginger, Yuzu Soya Sauce    HK$428


Choice of Miyazaki Wagyu Beef from the Charcoal Grill:

  • A5 Beef Tenderloin: 6oz HK$ 1,350 / 8oz HK$1,750
  • A5 Beef Striploin: 9oz HK1,650 / 12oz HK$2,180


Side Orders:

  • Honey Roasted Root Vegetables   HK$ 98
  • Deep Fried Potato Skin   HK$98



  • Yuzu and Green Tea Letao Cheese Cake with Seaberry Sauce, Sticky Rice Mochi   HK$138

Click here for the Miyazaki Wagyu Beef Menu.


THE STEAK HOUSE winebar + grill will continue its showcase of top quality beef from artisanal farms globally in May and June –with Limousine Beef from France.

The Limousin region of France produces one of the best organic beefs. The selected cuts will include a 4-week dry-aged beef which has a unique texture and flavour.

About THE STEAK HOUSE winebar + grill

THE STEAK HOUSE winebar + grill is a haven for meat lovers with prime cuts of the world’s finest meat, seared to perfection on Hong Kong’s only charcoal grill. The restaurant also has an elaborate garden fresh salad bar and an eclectic selection of condiments including twelve specially blended mustards and eight exotic rock salts. An intimate winebar features over 480 superb international wines.

THE STEAK HOUSE winebar + grill is open daily for dinner and on Saturdays and Sundays for the Weekend Semi- Buffet Lunch.

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