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September 12 – October 22, 2017

NOBU InterContinental Hong Kong continues its GOURMET TOUR OF JAPAN with Episode 5 – Harvest in Aomori from September 12 – October 22. Executive Chef Sean Mell and Executive Sushi Chef Arakai Kaazunari are preparing a special set lunch and dinner menu showcasing autumn produce from the Aomori Prefecture, located in Tōhoku region of northern Japan.

Chefs Sean and Araki have specially selected seasonal products such as Awabi (abalone), Saba (mackerel), Uni (Sea Urchin), Hotate (scallops) and Black Garlic, Some of their dishes also feature Apple, one of the most well-known products from Aomori – making up over 50% of the apple market in Japan, with the harvest season starting in September.  The chefs are using traditional Aomori cooking methods (such as Kaiyaki, simmering seafood in the shell, and Towada Barayaki, grilled beef with sliced onion and soy sauce  served on a hot plate) combined with  Nobu’s innovative new style cuisine.

Sample special Aomori seasonal dishes over a 6-course Aomori Lunch Menu (HK$658 per person) or 8-course Aomori Omakase Dinner Menu* (HK$1,488 per person)

*Menu items may change according to the availability of seasonal ingredients.

There is also a Premium Sake Pairing package:  HK$500 per person

The highlighted Hokusetsu Sake of the autumn season is YK35 Daiginjo Nama Genshu.

Omakase Dinner Menu

Click here for the Special Aomori Set Lunch and here for Dinner Omakase Menus.


Throughout the year Executive Chef Sean Mell and NOBU Executive Sushi Chef Kazunari Araki are guiding food lovers through Japan’s prefectures.  The culinary journey began in Okinawa in the southern region in January /February, and then headed north to Kyushu in March/ April and up to Kyoto in May/June and Kobe in July/August. Now we continue north to Aomori in September/October.

In 2017, NOBU’S GOURMET TOUR OF JAPAN is showcasing six regions:                                       

 • Okinawa Farm (January – February 2017)                                                                                       
 • Kyushu Hanami (March – April 2017)                                                                                            
 • Kyoto Twist (May – June 2017)                                                                                                    
 • Like Kobe, Love Wagyu (July – August 2017)                                                                                    
• Harvest in Aomori (September - October 2017)                                                                              
 • Hokkaido is Here (November – December 2017)

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