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THE STEAK HOUSE winebar + grill presents Exclusive French Vintage Beef Specialties by Acclaimed Artisan Butcher ALEXANDRE POLMARD June 9 - August 31, 2017

From June 9 – August 31,  InterContinental Hong Kong’s celebrated STEAK HOUSE winebar + grill is one of the select few restaurants in the world to showcase the exclusive imported vintage French beef products, with special cuts and maturation methods, by acclaimed Artisan Butcher Alexandre Polmard of Boucherie Polmard Paris. This is  the first collaboration between  InterContinental Hong Kong’s acclaimed STEAK HOUSE winebar + grill’s and Polmard, who hand picks only a few restaurants in the world, to serve his  exclusive beef, which is in high demand and  has very limited availability. Alexandre Polmard will be at THE STEAK HOUSE winebar + grill on June 9 and 10 to launch this collaboration.

From June 9 – August 31, STEAK HOUSE guests can experience a selection of Polmard’s vintage beef products and cuts at a wide range of prices.

·        Beef & Tuna Tartar with French Fries - HK$460
·        Beef Maki with Black Truffle and Oscietra Caviar -  HK$480

Main Courses Featuring Alexandre Polmard’s Special Cuts & Maturation Methods:
·        Petit Filet Mignon 8oz - HK$985

Limited Offer Cuts:
·        Long-Bone Rib Eye 35oz - HK$3,380
·        Vintage Beef – 2004  Beef Tenderloin 6oz - HK$2,750

Please click here for the special Alexandre Polmard Menu:

About Alexandre Polmard

Alexandre Polmard, the artisan French butcher specialising in top quality “vintage beef”,  has taken the butchery world by storm. A farmer, breeder and butcher, Polmard is the sixth generation running his family’s business, which was founded in 1846. In the 1990s his father and grandfather revolutionised the way meat is aged by creating a special treatment called "hibernation” in which cold air is blown over the meat  in a -43C enclosed space at a speed of 120 km per hour, for a feeling of -120C.

While dry-aged beef is typically matured for just several weeks, every cut of beef from the “Boucherie Polmard Paris” uses this hibernation method to freeze and preserve beef for up to 15 years of aging while retaining the quality, flavour and texture. The quality begins with the company’s Blonde d’Aquitaine cattle which are raised on the Polmard family’s farm in Saint-Mihiel, in Northeastern France. The Blonde Aquintaine is comparable to the most expensive breeds of cattle, such as Blank Angus and Kobe.  Only four cattle are butchered per week. Once butchered, the cuts of beef are prepared for hibernation at the property’s on-site laboratory. It is the rarity of Polmard’s vintage beef that makes it especially valuable. Through the hibernation treatment, Polmard is able to preserve the most exquisite, aged beef in the world.

As per Polmard, the cattle lead a stress-free life out in the open air on his family’s farm, where he talks to them each day. He adds that “All the love and attention we give our animals comes through on the plate when you taste the meat". When cows are under stress (ie: in enclosed sheds), their bodies produce glycogen, lactic acid and adrenaline,  which causes  changes in the acidity of their muscles, resulting in beef that is not as tender or flavourful.

Polmard’s beef has captivated the world’s most famous chefs and restaurants, with only a select few featuring his cuts on their menus. (One of Alexandre Polmard ‘s cuts sells for approximately US$3200!)

To sample this unique beef, you can either visit the “Polmard Eleveur Boucher” shop in Paris’s St. Germain-des- Prés quarter on Rue de l’Abbaye or wait months to buy it online.  Alternatively, you can make a dinner booking at one of the few restaurants in the world which serve his exclusive meat.  

Polmard, who is extremely  selective about  the  few international restaurants at which his beef is served, has chosen InterContinental Hong Kong’s famous STEAK HOUSE winebar + grill to feature a selection of his cuts on the menu between June 9 – August 31, 2017.



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