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NOBU InterContinental Hong Kong 10th Anniversary Dinners with World Famous Chef Nobu Matsuhisa (December 14 & 15, 2016)


World famous chef Nobu Matsuhisa will return to Hong Kong on December 14 & 15 to celebrate the 10thAnniversary of NOBU InterContinental Hong Kong. On December 14 evening, guests can enjoy a cocktail reception and a special 10thAnniversary Sake Ceremony with Nobu-san (6:00pm - 7:30pm) followed by the Gala Dinner featuring an 8-course Omakase Menu (at HK$1,638 per person) with a Sake Pairing option for an additional HK$350 per person. The special menu, created by Nobu-san in collaboration with Executive Chef Sean Mell and Executive Sushi Chef Kazunari, showcases NOBU InterContinental Hong Kong signature dishes infused with fresh seasonal ingredients.

Guests reserving the Gala Dinner with the Sake Pairing will receive special NOBU 10thanniversary souvenirs – a bottle of Nobu 10thAnniversary Sake (300ml) and a commemorative masu.

The celebration will continue on December 15 with the special Omakase Menu at HK$1,488 with the Sake Pairing for an additional HK$350. The set dinner menu with Sake Pairing is inclusive of a bottle of NOBU 10thAnniversary Sake (300ml) plus a NOBU masu as commemorative souvenirs.

The 10thAnniversary Omakase menu is available through December 23 at HK$1,488 per person, with the Sake Pairing for HK$350 per person. (The special menu from December 16 - 23 does not include the 10thAnniversary souvenirs). Please add 10% service to all pricing.

NOBU InterContinental Hong Kong’s 10thAnniversary Dinner Menu features:

  • Uni & Botan Ebi Tartar with Caviar – Hamachi Sashimi with Jalapeno – Kue Sashimi with Shiso Salsa
  • O-Toro Tataki & Whole Ezo Awabi with Truffle Yuzu Miso
  • Sushi Assortment
  • Roasted Ise Ebi with Creamy Spicy Lemon – Vegetable Marinated Hotate with Jalapeno Salsa
  • Steamed Kinki with Moro Miso
  • Miyazaki Wagyu with Wasabi Butter Ponzu
  • Seafood Inaniwa Udon with Niboshi Dashi
  • Sweet as Bliss – Yuba, Goma, Mochi


The Sake Pairing option showcases Hokusetsu Sake from Sado Island, including Nobu-san's special label sake which is made by Hokusetsu Sake and is exclusively available at NOBU restaurants globally:

    • Sado No Kiryouyoshi Junmai Ginjo
    • Nobu "The Sake" Daiginjo TK40
    • Junmai Daiginjo YK35
    • Nobu "The Sake" Junmai Daiginjo


Click here for the December 14 NOBU InterContinental Hong Kong 10thAnniversary Gala Dinner Menu (inclusive of the Cocktail Reception and Sake Barrel Ceremony with Nobu-san).

Click here for the December 15 NOBU InterContinental Hong Kong 10thAnniversary Gala Dinner Menu.

New @ NOBU – A Tempting Japanese Afternoon T-Set


In celebration of NOBU InterContinental Hong Kong's 10thAnniversary, Executive Chef Sean Mell and his team have just launched an innovative new NOBU Afternoon T-Set, which is available on Saturday and Sunday afternoons from 2:30pm - 4:30pm (Reservations are available).

The NOBU "SimplyT-Set" is HK$528 for 2 persons / HK$328 for 1 person. It includes a selection of Umami and Sweet items, paired with your choice of Rishouen Green Tea, Coffee or Matcha Drinks.

On the new "Simply T-Set":

Umami Items:

      • Hiyashi Chawanmushi – Japanese style steamed egg with scallop sashimi and salmon eggs
      • Smoked Duck with Karashi Sumiso – Pan-seared smoked duck, diced and served on a spoon with mustard miso
      • Spicy Ika Cake – Slightly deep-fried squid cake with mushroom and cheese, served with spicy unagi sauce
      • Fish & Ebi Dumpling – Minced fish and sakura shrimp dumpling, seasoned with foie gras miso and truffle
      • Okinawa Peanut Tofu – Peanut Tofu (mochi textured) served with sesame sweet soy


Sweet Items:

      • Matcha Mikan Macarons – Uji Matcha Ganache (simmered semi-sweet chocolate with cream) with candied Mikan
      • Pumpkin Potato Tube – Purple sweet potato and pumpkin mousse, oat granola and black honey
      • Ume Lamington – Lamington cake (with ume filling), decorated with an ume blossom buttercream flower
      • Fuji Apple Rosette – Roasted rose-shaped apple tart with shiso syrup
      • Nori Tamago Waffle – Homemade seaweed and egg waffle, seasoned with sea salt and served with three dipping sauces: Coconut Caramel, Pineapple Jam and Teriyaki Mayonnaise
      • Yuzu Caramel Scones


Click here for the NOBU Afternoon T-Set Menu.

About NOBU InterContinental Hong Kong
When it opened in late December 2006, NOBU InterContinental Hong Kong was the 17th restaurant in Nobu Matsuhisa's growing culinary empire. It was the 6th NOBU restaurant to open internationally and the 1st in Asia – outside of Japan. Today Nobu Matsuhisa has 32 NOBU restaurants and 7 Matsuhisa restaurants – spanning all five continents.

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