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“K” is for “Korean Cuisine” @ Harbourside Guest Chefs from InterContinental Hotels in Seoul Showcase Authentic Korean Cuisine (June 1 – July 31, 2016)


Harbourside, InterContinental Hong Kong’s popular all-day café, acclaimed for its elaborate international buffets, will be showcasing Korean specialties during the months of June and July.

The restaurant will welcome guest chefs Ms. Eun Sun (Sunny) Na and Jun Sung Sohn from the Grand InterContinental Seoul Parnas and InterContinental Seoul COEX from June 1-13.

The guest chefs will present a range of authentic Korean dishes at live action stations in Harbourside for both the lunch and dinner buffets.

During their time at InterContinental Hong Kong, they will be sharing their recipes with the Harbourside culinary team and their traditional Korean dishes will be featured on Harbourside’s Lunch and Dinner Buffets throughout June and July.

Guests will have the opportunity to sample the most popular Korean style salads, grilled meats, hot dishes and condiments, along with Korean dessert specialties and seasonal desserts made with fresh apricots & strawberries.

The showcased Korean dishes on the rotating selection will include:

Appetisers / Salads:
Hong-eo-hwe-mu-chim (Skate wings with spicy sauce)
Hae-mul-gyeo-ja-chae (Chilled seafood salad with mustard sauce
Hae-mul-jap-chae (Noodles with sautéed seafood and vegetables)
Dea-ha-naeng-chea (Chilled prawn salad with pine nut sauce)

So-go-gi-jap-chae (Noodles with beef and vegetables)
Jang-jo-lim (Beef braised in soy sauce)
Bi-bim-bab (Steamed rice, vegetables, beef and chili sauce)
So-go-gi-kim-bab (Dried seaweed rolls, beef and vegetables)
Yuk-hoe (Beef tartare)
L. A. gal-bi-gu-I (Marinated and grilled beef ribs)

Other Appetisers:
Gu-jeol-pan (Platter of Korean delicacies with mustard sauce)
Do- ra-ji-na-mul (Bellflower salad)
Beo-seot-na-mul (Assorted mushroom salad)

Mi-yeok-guk (Seaweed soup) or Mu-mal-geun-jang-guk (Clear white radish soup)

Action Stations:
Jan-chi-guk-su (Fish with noodles) or L.A.gal-bi-gu-i (Marinated and grilled beef ribs)

Hot Dishes
Hwang-tea-gu-i (Seasoned and grilled dried pollack)
Sam-chi-jo-lim (Braised Spanish mackerel)
Hae-mul–pa-jeon (Seafood and spring onion pancakes)
Dea-ha-jim (Steamed king prawns)

Seo-bul-go-gi (Marinated and sautéed beef)
Teok-gal-bi-gu-I (Grilled short rib patties)
Gal-bi-jjim (Braised short ribs)
Dak-mae-un-jjim (Braised spicy chicken)
Deo-deok-gu-I (Seasoned and grilled deodeok)
Kimchi-bokk-eum-bab (kimchi with fried rice)

Dubu Kimchi (Steamed bean curd and sautéed kimchi)
Bin-dea-tteok (Mung bean pancakes)

Su-jeong-gwa (Cinnamon punch) and Yu-ja- hwa-chae (Citron punch)
Yak-sik (Sweet rice with nuts and jujube)
Mae-jak-gwa (Fried honey cookies)
Hwa-jeon (Flower rice pancakes)
Tteok (Rice cakes)

About our Korean Guest Chefs:
Ms. Eun Sun (Sunny) Na
Sous Chef, Asian Live Kitchen, InterContinental Seoul COEX
In her current role as Sous Chef at Asian Live Kitchen at InterContinental Seoul COEX, she oversees all menus and supervises the culinary team for the Asian Live restaurant (including Korean, Chinese, Japanese and Indian cuisine). Ms. EunSun (Sunny) Nae has worked for InterContinental Hotels (both InterContinental Seoul COEX and Grand InterContinental Seoul Parnas) since 1999, working her way up the culinary ladder at all of the hotel’s restaurants, including Asian Live, the Brasserie and the Korean Main kitchen.

Jun Sung Sohn
Demi Chef de partie, Hakone, Grand InterContinental Seoul Parnas
Jun Sung has worked for both Grand InterContinental Seoul Parnas and InterContinental Seoul COEX since 2004 between Asian Live Kitchen and Hakone restaurants.

One of the highlights of his culinary career was back in October 2010 when he had the opportunity to cook for the G20 Summit Reception and Head of State Dinner at Grand InterContinental Seoul Parnas.

Lunch Buffet:

Monday-Friday: Adults: HK$448 / Children (3-11 years old): HK$318
Saturday: Adults: HK$508 / Children (3-11 years old): HK$358
Public Holidays: Adults: HK$548 / Children (3-11 years old): HK$388

Dinner Buffet:
Daily: Adults: HK$868 / Children (3-11 years old): HK$608

Sunday Brunch:
Adults: HK$898 (inclusive of free-flowing Champagne, wine & beer /
Adults (with free-flowing juice and soft drinks: HK$848 / Children (ages 3-11): HK598

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