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Yan Toh Heen Presents an Exclusive Chinese Tea Discovery Dinner April 15, 2016 Experience the subtlety of two rare Chinese Teas paired with Executive Chef Lau’s 2-Michelin Star Dishes


Yan Toh Heen, InterContinental Hong Kong’s 2-Michelin star Cantonese restaurant is known not only for its exquisite Chinese cuisine, but also for its unique tea service and selection, which is curated by Hong Kong’s first tea sommelier Kelvin Ng.

On Friday, April 15, Yan Toh Heen's Tea Sommelier Kelvin Ng and Executive Chef Lau Yiu Fai have partnered with The Best Tea House to select two rare Chinese teas to pair with a gourmet 6-course Cantonese menu (HK$1,688 per person, inclusive of an exclusive Chinese Tea Box as a souvenir).

The two showcased teas ("Pure Dry Warehouse" Zhengshan Pu Er Tea and Precious Kunlun Chrysanthemum Flower Tea) have been specially chosen for the rarity of their tea leaves, the subtleties of their tastes with each pouring and also for their medicinal properties, which can help to relieve numerous ailments.

On April 15, Helen Fung, Operation Manager, and Elaine Wang, Branch Manager of The Best Tea House, along with Leung Ka Tung, the Tea Master from Ying Kee Tea House, will be at Yan Toh Heen with Tea Sommelier Kelvin, to personally explain the subtleties of the rare teas.

The Exclusive Chinese Tea Discovery Set Menu will be also available through April 30 at both lunch and dinner.

"Pure Dry Warehouse" Zhengshan Pu Er Tea

"Pure Dry Warehouse" refers to tea that has been stored for an extended period in a warehouse upstairs with environment, temperature, humidity and other conditions ideal for years of storage. Under these circumstances, the tea leaves change very slowly. Therefore, the Pu Er still exudes a sense of bitterness after decades. Regardless of the change in taste and complexity, the tea is still amazing! Pure dry warehouse teas usually have to be stored around 20 years before reaching the appropriate stage for drinking. Since the cost of storage is high, the average tea producer does not store tea using the “pure dry warehouse” method. Thus the tea Yan Toh Heen is presenting on April 15 is a precious masterpiece.

In 1995, a connoisseur of tea products found this batch of "centennial ancient tree Zhengshan Pu Er" to be of very high quality. As a rare "Premium Pu Er", the Tea Master then decided to store it in the "pure dry warehouse" method. He stored this batch of tea in the best spot of an old warehouse, never moving it for more than 20 years. He took great care of the tea leaves - taking samples annually to drink in order to ensure the quality. Thus, this Premium Zhegnshan Pu Er Tea is a product of the painstaking and diligent effort of the Tea Master over the past 25+ years.

When drinking, one should appreciate the change in each seeping in order to discover the essence of "pure dry warehouse" tea. The first and second brews yield a mild reddish broth, with the scent of the vintage storage and a long-lasting bitter sweetness.

Starting with the third and fourth brewing, the warehouse scent is completely diluted, and the tea broth becomes a burgundy colour. An overbearing aroma of the mountains then dominates the palate, converting bitterness to sweetness and giving a full body of wild ancient tree flavour.

The fifth and sixth brews then dissipate all bitterness and completely manifest the sweetness of the tea. The broth will then have a hint of sweet dates.

The seventh and eight brews are not only sweet, but also have hints of floral and honey, giving the tea a perfect conclusion.

Executive Chef Lau Yiu Fai has created a gourmet 6-course Cantonese menu that pairs beautifully with each pouring of the exclusive Pure Dry Warehouse Zhengshan Pu Er Tea (Prime Reserved, 21 Years Old, Mildly Fermented).

Indulge in a culinary journey of discovery - pairing premium ingredients with the rarest of teas.


"Pure Dry Warehouse" Zhengshan Pu Er Tea
Prime Reserved. 21Years Old (Mildly-Fermented)

Chilled Abalone with Asparagus

Steamed Egg White with Bird’s Nest and Lobster

Wok-fried Garoupa Fillet with Chives and Lung Jin

Wok-fried Wagyu Beef with French Mustard
and Japanese Wasabi

Fried Rice with Duck Liver, Seafood and Pine Nuts

To conclude the dinner Tea Sommelier Kelvin Ng has selected a
Precious Kunlun Chrysanthemum (Flower Tea)
to pair with Chef Lau’s dessert:

Oonlong Sorbert with Sweet Egg Twists
served with Black Sugar

HK$1,688 per person + 10% service charge

Precious Kunlun Chrysanthemum

Kunlun Chrysanthemum is produced in Xinjiang, in the Keliyang district on the Northern foot of the Kunlun mountain. The flower is a cold-resistant chrysanthemum that grows on the snowy plateau in a totally unpolluted natural environment and is picked and produced completely by hand. It is the absolute treasure amongst all varieties of chrysanthemum.

The small yellow flower resembles daisies, with golden petals and a brown centre (stigma). It grows in the part of the Kunlun mountain, 3,000 meters above the icy cliffs and embraces the aura of the Kunlun and the essence of heaven and earth. It is resistant to cold and purified by ice and snow.

In boiling water, Kunlun Chrysanthemum produces an attractive fiery red broth and a refreshing fragrance. When consumed over time, this tea can help to heal some chronic ailments. This magic little yellow flower is called "flower tea" by locals. With the flower’s miraculous healing power, this tea is used as a gift to bestow to the most honoured guests.

Kunlun Chrysanthemum contains a variety of flavonoids, essential minerals and over 20 different amino acids, thus manifesting more pharmacological effects than the average flower tea. The tea detoxifies, promotes blood circulation and helps to dissipate fatigue. It is mild on the stomach and can strengthen the spleen. It can help to lower blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar, and to calm agitation, cure gastrointestinal discomfort and loss of appetite.

Please click here for the Exclusive Chinese Tea Discovery Dinner Menu.

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