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The Feng Shui of InterContinental Hong Kong

The Hotel’s Feng Shui Fountain Provides an Alluring Pathway for the “Nine Dragons of Kowloon”

Did you know that InterContinental Hong Kong is acclaimed for its auspicious feng shui?

Feng shui, the study of geomancy, literally translates to "wind and water". According to traditional Chinese beliefs, this delicate balance of nature insures that the spirits are appeased. If proper feng shui is not followed, the results can be disastrous. In 1980, prior to the completion of the construction of InterContinental Hong Kong (formerly The Regent Hong Kong), a feng shui master was called upon for consultation. Key feng shui elements, such as its feng shui fountain and island reception desk, were incorporated into the award-winning hotel’s design make it one of the city’s most favourable "feng shui" buildings.

The hotel, which is actually built up over the harbour on pile-ons, boasts a strategic location, which provides a dramatic panoramic view of Hong Kong's harbour. Chinese legend states that the nine dragons of Kowloon come from the mountains each day to take their morning bath and drink from Victoria Harbour. ("Kowloon" actually means "nine dragons" in Chinese.) The site selected for the hotel would have blocked the pathway of the nine dragons, thus creating a negative flow of “Chi” (energy). Therefore the hotel took the following precautions which have assured the property good feng shui and prosperity since its opening in 1980.

First of all, the fountain at the entrance symbolizes a pearl. This pearl (a symbol of wealth) entices the nine dragons to the hotel's entrance. They are then lured through the hotel's entrance via the wall of glass doors, which allow the dragons to enter with ease. (Dragons, of course, can go through glass!) They then proceed majestically through the Lobby to the expansive plate glass windows to take their morning bath in the harbour.

However, they must first stop off at the Reception Desk. InterContinental Hong Kong was one of the first hotels to have an island reception area. This is to allow the dragons to drop off some of their wealth before they proceed through the Lobby's expansive windows. This auspicious pathway for the “nine dragons” has ensured the hotel’s continued good “feng shui”.

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